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West Coast Amateur Golf Tour, where amateurs will have the ability to Play in affordable tournament style events. Men and Women are welcomed to join and enjoy competition and camaraderie of fellow golf enthusiats. A Non Member is welcome to play in 4 events a year and will be eligible for prizes with any valid SCGA handicap. Handicap Flights will be as follows Flight A= 0-4, Flight B= 4.1-8, Flight C= 8.1-13, Flight D= 13.1-18, Flight E= 18.1+. Each tournament will pay 1st and 2nd places for each flight with a minimum of 10 players per flight. Prizes will be awarded in Gift Cards. USGA Rules apply. Each place is awarded points. 250, 200, 150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 25 based on finishing place. Major Events are worth double points. End of the year the players in their flights with the most points will win prizes tbd. Must be a member of West Coast Tour SCGA group to accumulate points throughout the season and a chance to win the 2018 Championship in your perspective group. Must have a verifiable hdcp to win prizes at each event. 

2018 Events

Individual Stroke Play Events, become a member of our SCGA group for a chance to win prizes. Pay for your SCGA Membership by clicking the button above and we will put you in our group.

Dual In The Desert

West Coast Tour is hosting a The Dual in the Desert. Play where the Pro's play. Jack Nicklaus' Tournament Course in La Quinta CA on 7/28/2018. Every green fee you purchase puts your name in for the drawing of a Brand new Driver. Brand TBD. Tee times start at 07:00am. 

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